Vitalforce Homeopathy

About us

My purpose as a practitioner of Homeopathy is to help my patients achieve their own health objectives by offering homeopathic treatment tailored to their needs. I am committed to providing the highest quality of homeopathic care, dispensed with personal attention and full respect for my patients’ preferences and goals. In-depth interviews permit me to assess the personal and family medical history and emotional and physical condition of each patient to determine the individual strategy needed to achieve improved overall wellbeing.

I graduated from the British Institute’s practitioner program in January 1999 and have been practicing this incredible healing art for the past 20 years with gratifying results.  In that time, I have treated a very wide range of ailments, both acute and chronic and brought wellness to clients from babies to the elderly, from pregnant woment to post-menopausal without any negative effects and with an overall strengthening of their own immune systems.

I am delighted to offer my services in person or via phone or videoconference.