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Yearly Archive 2019

Hormonal Imbalances

For at least 15 years now, I have been gaining experience in assisting clients with hormonal imbalances. Endocrine systems are very complex and no gland operates or secretes its hormones in isolation. When hormone output fluctuates, it causes a whole cascade of reactions. Glands signal one another, alerting the body of this danger and attempting to compensate for the change. As this is the case, simply adding more of that missing hormone neither addresses the cause, nor effects a cure.

Individualization is Key

The key is to look at each situation individually. Pre-menopause and menopause, for example, are a normal part of life. They are part of a time of transition, and with this transition come gradual or sometimes more sudden shifts in hormone production. Sometimes a physical trauma or an emotional one can precipitate the process. These situations are different and require different approaches.

Conventional hormone tests, especially the very broad and superficial type normally prescribed in our public health system, are useful, but rarely tell the whole story. Subjective experience is extremely important. I have also found that the “normal range” in tests is not necessarily a good indication of how well or ill a patient is.

With homeopathic prescription, one must take the time to truly hear the patient. What are they experiencing? How much are their symptoms impacting their daily functioning? What were the events leading up to the appearance of the symptoms? How are diet, exercise, sleep, or stress contributing to their symptoms?

The result is that when people ask me “what do you give for hot flashes?”, I cannot give them an answer. I can answer them, after spending up to an hour with them, what I would give THEM, not what I might give someone else.

There are many effective approaches to treating hormone imbalances and I encourage everyone to do their research before committing to a lifetime of hormone replacement.